What is ACTS?

An ACTS retreat is a three day and three night retreat presented by fellow parishioners. The retreat begins on Thursday evening and ends the following Sunday at a Mass celebrated with the parish community. Retreats for men and retreats for women are given separately. The retreat facilitates the attainment of a new or deeper relationship with the Lord through:

  • Adoration – the call by, acceptance of, and response to God
  • Community – the love and caring of each other
  • Theology – the study of God through scripture and the Catholic Faith
  • Service – to God and his people

The format of the retreat is prescribed by ACTS Missions, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization headquartered at the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio. ACTS was founded by two men who had such a profound experience on their Cursillo retreat that they were inspired to give others have the same experience. ACTS Missions now leverages thousands of volunteers to bring the retreat to people around the world.

St. Louis ACTS

The St. Louis ACTS community is led by the “Core Team” of our parish. This team consists of women and men who are are practicing Catholics, in good standing with the Catholic Church, and registered parishioners of St. Louis. The Core Team members are committed to the building of the ACTS community within our parish and to ACTS as a ministry. The ACTS Core Team is the governing body for the ACTS ministry. Core Team members responsibilities include:

  • Assuming responsibility for staff administrative roles
  • Facilitating the selection of the Director of each retreat
  • Serving as a source of advice and guidance for retreat directors
  • Ensuring that each retreat is consistent with the guidelines set forth in the ACTS Director’s Manual
  • Providing and promoting opportunities for faith sharing groups, evangelization, community service, and other faith sharing events

The Core Team offers leadership, spiritual, and financial support to the Retreat Teams that conduct the retreats.

St. Louis Core Team

  • Philip Tucker
    Philip Tucker

    Retreat Support

  • Susan Martinez
    Susan Martinez

    Retreat Support

  • Joseph Villareal
    Joseph Villarreal


  • Julie Navarro
    Julie Navarro


  • Debbie Farnum
    Debbie Farnum


  • Elissa Fox
    Elissa Fox


  • Jeanie Hermansen
    Jeanie Hermansen

    Supply Coordinator

  • cross
    Ben Cisneros

    Supply Coordinator

  • Peter Barger
    Peter Barger

    Social Coordinator

  • flower
    Donna McClung

    Women's Spiritual Coordinator

  • Chris Ojeda
    Chris Ojeda

    Men's Spiritual Coordinator

Meeting Minutes